Wednesday, September 30


We had a terminal server crash a while back, and lost all of our great reviews in progress and product photos!

Unable to retrieve them, we have been dead in the water here at Products & places while we try to rebuild it all from the bottom up.

We appreciate your patience while we work on putting it all back together.

Sunday, May 10


OFF! Skintastic Family care Smooth & Dry and the OFF! Powerpad Lamp are our newest products up for review. The Smooth & Dry is all sorts of DEETful, so of course I didn't try it. This new type is supposed to be all soft and not feel gross on your skin like "those other bug repellants". I wouldn't know, 'cause I'm against toxic chemicals on and around my family, and I refuse to even try it. A friend of mine tried it, and just fell in love, however, and took it with her family camping several times.

I had never heard of the main ingredient in the OFF! Powerpad Lamp; "d-cis trans allethrin", so I looked it up. Needless to say, this chemical is also horribly toxic, and I won't allow that around my family either. Off is right, off it goes to it's new home!

My friend also tried the Power Pad Lamp, and really liked it's effectiveness, but not the prevading scent. The basic conclusion is that it is fine for regular outdoor play, but not so much for dinner parties, as the smell could interfere with the smell and taste of the food.

As far as the chemicals go, This web site says it short and sweet;

"D-cis/trans allethrin: eye and skin irritant. Can cause sudden swelling of face, eyelids, lips, mouth , and throat tissues, as well as hay fever-like symptoms. Neurotoxic. Used in some pet flea-control products.

Deet: Eye and skin irritant. Sensitizer Neurotoxic. Readily absorbed into skin. Used in mosquito and insect repellents, as well as pet flea-control products."