Thursday, January 10

Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches Restaurant

322 East Walnut 65806 832-0500 832-0504 Mondays-Sundays 10a-2p

Pricing is reasonable with subs and sandwiches ranging in price from $3-$7. Made with high quality ingredients, they are surprisingly nothing special. I shouldn't expect amazing for those prices I suppose, but my first opinion was that any place advertising as gourmet aught to reasonably have food that is high flavor, with great texture. I have since discovered that the addition of the word "gourmet" to the sign was more of a lark than an actual descriptor.

Sandwiches should be juicy and make my taste buds dance. These didn't. They were, instead, simply, good. Most anyone can make a sandwich of this quality in a few minutes with the right ingredients for less than you can but them, but such is the fact of all restaurants, no matter the type of food served.

Of course it is the downtown restaurant to get something healthy, quick, and inexpensive to fill your belly, as most of the other places in the area are much more expensive, not to mention slower to serve. The service at Jimmy John's is very fast, helpful, & friendly. It is obviously a great place to work, as the employees were laughing and joking with each other.

There was a lot to amuse a person there while waiting the two short minutes between walking in and receiving the order. This was our maximum wait time for each of our three orders, including first time menu inspection and ingredient questioning. Really fast service, while not compromising on smiles.

Very loud music & lots of conflicting colors in bright lighting makes it hard to think or concentrate. It might help to go online for the menu or grab a menu inside, then run back outside to decide what you want before you go in to order. Not suggested for anyone with heart or anxiety problems. Call you order in and have it delivered instead.

The sign for the bathroom was fun to decipher, and it was nice to see they have a community bulletin board.

I went to the website to see if I could get more information. The Jimmy John's website is entirely flash. Very annoying interface, nonintuitive navigation, lots of noise and movement. Website and store integration and similarity very well accomplished, as both the store and the website are garish, loud, obnoxious, and made me feel like I need to escape.

Maybe the loud garish atmosphere is to make people just come in to grab their food & leave? It seems like a logical idea with such a small store, but I know that can't be the reasoning for the website to be so terribly annoying, as any business worth it's salt wants people to stay and browse the website for a bit. My first visit to the website, I had my speakers turned on (big mistake). When I clicked to go forward into the site from the flash screens, my computer couldn't handle the load, had a fatal error, and rebooted. This was on a 1.5mhz computer with 256 megs of ram. Website is definitely not backwards compatible or legacy compliant in any manner whatsoever.

Final verdict: Healthier than a burger joint, cheaper than other places nearby, fast, friendly service, grab & go only.

[where: 322 E Walnut St Springfield, MO 65806-2302]

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