Tuesday, January 1


Products & Places is a review blog for real people with full lives and a broad range of interests. The impartial reporting and reviews by a professionally trained and highly opinionated mystery shopper and her family are guaranteed to be blatantly honest, well balanced, and full of detailed information. Covering both items and locations, with a refusal to shy away from negative reviews when they've been earned, Products & Places contains the relevant information, clear language, and candor you'd expect from a good friend. I opt to accept offers of products for review and invitations to review places at will. Regardless of the source of the product or type of compensation (if any), I promise to remain loyal to my non-biased form of reporting and reviews. Anything else would be dishonest, and I wouldn't do that to you.

Over the next month or so, I will be posting reviews for the products and places seen in the sidebars, so that other items and locations may be submitted for review. Reviews on submitted items will begin shortly thereafter. Most items and locations reviewed will also reside in the sidebar upon review publication. Location reviews are currently restricted to the Springfield, Missouri area, but this will change and grow by far when we finally get rolling in the new RV.

Periodic giveaways, and contests are also scheduled.

Do you have something or someplace you'd like me to review? Sent your offer or suggestion now and help to create one of the first new reviews!

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