Tuesday, February 26

Queen City Cycles: Downtown Springfield, Missouri

Queen City Cycles is a full service bike shop, and Springfield's exclusive dealer of Kona and Marin bikes. Located just seconds from nearly every campus in town at 301 W. Walnut, they will gladly do tune-ups, major repairs, sell you some parts or a new or used bike, or just answer your questions. They also have an eBay service for bicycles and bicycle equiptment/supplies if you are looking to sell.

Our visit was prompted by a bike trailer seen parked in front of a pizza place right off of the square. We stopped and ogled the trailer like we usually do to get ideas for design when we build our own, and the bike owner told us where the trailer was purchased. Since we were in the area, we decided to stop on in. *smile*

The store features informative, professional, slightly aloof personnel with a good spacious sales floor and minimal clutter making for a pleasant, but not overly friendly shopping experience. The easy to find customer assistance and helpful advice really tacked down the best products for our needs with a minimal of fuss and time taken. I'll take efficient and aloof over friendly and slow any day!

Open Tuesday-Saturday 11AM-8PM
(photo copyright Queen City Cycles)

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