Friday, June 6


Free BumperSticker : "I'm Voting For Kids"
And/OR "I'm Voting For GrandKids".

Free Heart Attack And Stroke Prevention Kit

Free PULL-UPS Big Kid Central Potty Training Success DVD
Easy request form.

Free Pray For Peace Arm Band Or Bumper Sticker
Your choice of armband or "America's Problems Won't be Solved in Iraq" bumper sticker.

Free Kids Sippy Cup From Juicy Juice
Just register with their site.

Free After School Kit For Kids In Grades 6-9
Each unit includes activities and games, a wall poster for display, and parental handouts to help adolescents continue to develop good decision-making skills.

Free "Warning: Motor Fuel Ripoff" Sticker

Send Your Name To The Moon
"The deadline is June 27, 2008 for the submission of names."

Free Peace Bumper Sticker

Video of a powerful message "Who I Am Makes A Difference". You may have read it before, but the extra information, and the video really help it to strike home.

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