Wednesday, July 9

Droolworthy Giveaway

I said I'd have a giveaway a while back, but the box of freebie goodies I had set aside isn't ready to be fully unpacked yet, so I thought I'd give you someone else's contest to drool over.

Did I mention that this is one heck of a giveaway?!

Blondemomblog is giving away an Ultreo ultrasound toothbrush. This thing is a power toothbrush with ultrasound waveguide technology, and automatic power shutoff and timers built in, so you know when you've spent enough time brushing each section of your mouth, as well as when you are done with the whole shebang.

I wonder if my Soniccare can stand up to it, or if it cleans even better than our family's multi-headed, one-and-only, never-buy-anything-less, Soniccare.

She's doing a random drawing of the entries in her contest, and she wants you to come sign up too.

To enter, click here, and comment with what kind of toothbrush you use.

I can't wait to see if it does... I wonder if I can get the company to let me try one out to review here.

What's your favorite oral care device?

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