Monday, September 29

Review: Febreze Fabric, Carpet, & Air Refresher

Recently, the folks at Febreze offered me the chance to try out their new fine mist fabric, carpet, & air refresher, and having seen the commercials, not to mention being a true and loyal fan of Febreze in general, I leapt at the opportunity.

I usually use the regular, unscented variety of Febreze, as it brings back great memories for me, and when my sample kit arrived, I was excited to open it up and try it out.

I don't like artificial scents and perfumes, so I was a bit disappointed to discover that Febreze had sent me their Lavender Vanilla & Comfort scented spray. I was apprehensive to say the least, and let the bottle sit for a few days before I tried it, fearing that the smell would be overpowering and cloying like other air fresheners, despite the trusted brand name. I not a big fan of lavender scented things in general either.

When I finally got the time and gumption to try it out (meaning we had no guests I could offend with any potentially strong odors), I gave it a spritz and waited a few seconds for the full scent to develop. Boy was I surprised!

The Lavender Vanilla & Comfort scent was surprisingly mild, leaving the entire room smelling clean and lightly scented; a very pleasant departure from other so-called air fresheners on the market. The addition of vanilla to the mix magically cut the usually overly-sweet tones of lavender that I do not enjoy, transforming what I thought would be a horrid perfumed tangle of odor into something my whole family enjoys.

As I have come to expect from Febreze products, this new spray refreshed the house of even the worst smoking, kitchen and bathroom odors effortlessly. In the air, the spray still fell rapidly, but not any differently than any other supposedly fine-misted pump spray air freshener. In actuality, I wouldn't really call the spray fine, so much as I would no longer call it large droplets, as I have seen finer sprays created for household deodorizing. However, the spray particles are smaller, stay in the air a moment of two longer, and it does have a better dispersal range overall than Febreze original, and other household sprays.

On fabrics, the spray did an even better job than Febreze original, as the broader spray and finer particles did not leave wet speckles on the upholstery, nor weigh down my sheer curtains. Even sprayed on walls, (painted & paneled walls retain odors too), the spray did not run or drip when sprayed from a reasonable distance.

The new Febreze is available the following scents:

Febreze also has a new design of bottles for certain scents. Amazingly classy looking, and perfect for open display, the Décor Collection is pretty enough to be an accent piece in your kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere! No longer do you have to hide your Febreze where company won't see it. The Décor Collection is currently available in these scents:

I plan on buying a bottle or two and refilling them incessantly, as we usually keep a bottle of Febreze in every room of the house for convenience sake, and have a bit of trouble finding a place to put it where it is relatively out of view of guests. Now we won't have to worry about looking like we have cleaning supplies everywhere constantly.

All in all, I have to say that at close to $4.50 , the price is just as economical as original Febreze, making it an astonishing value, as the dual purpose nature of the finer-mist spray means you will never have to buy more than one product to freshen the home again. It also saves valuable storage space throughout your home. Of course, if you are like me, and plan to buy the more decorative bottles, you won't have to store anything in your cabinets at all, freeing up room for other things.

Useful tip: To spread the droplets farther in a room, thus achieving maximum deodorizing and freshening effect, spray it high into the air, then blow on the tiny droplets as they fall, pushing them about the room for a broader coverage area.

Here is a free Coupon pack from Procter and Gamble, which includes coupons for the new, improved, finer-mist Febreze for fabric, carpets, and air.

For the worst odors, try the Febreze Eliminators; heavy-duty products for the strongest and most stubborn smells, such as those ground in pet smells, the baked-in ones found in your automobile, & general household odors. Febreze also has a deep penetrating antimicrobial formula that's great for cleaning up odors in trash cans and other high-germ areas.


Tammy said...

I buy the unscented stuff also as the regular stuff has such a strong smell to it. I'm going to have to try the lavender & vanilla scent.

Edie said...

You write very well.