Wednesday, September 24

Review & Giveaway: Pledge Multi-Surface Cleaning Wipes

Let's talk automotive windows and surface cleaning.

I've tried sprays to clean the inside of the car before. The dashboard, door handles, and most of the windows work just fine with a regular spray cleaner on normal, everyday jobs, but not the inside of the front and back windshields, or the steering wheel. Nope, sprays just sort of drip onto the upholstry, possibly discoloring the interrior in a horrid speckled pattern if you aren't really careful, and/or if you don't wash it off immediately. The extra care needed to do this just right isn't something many of us have the time for these days.

The folks at Bzzagent sent me some Pledge multi-surface wipes to try, and they work great on those spots that regular sprays are a pain to use, making the whole automotive cleaning chore a lot quicker and easier. Not only that, but you can use them on all of the surfaces inside the car instead of needing a bunch of different cleansers, which saves a lot of time and storage space as well.

Marker marks from the kids on the dashboard, fingerprinty or tar-stained windows, grime on the door handles and armrests, and even the sensitive screens on the electronics in modern vehicles like your GPS, stereo, or portable DVD player can be cleaned beautifully and easily with these wipes, without any extra polishing needed to get that ever-elusive streak-free clean.

For smokers, cleaning the inside of the windshields of the car is even more of a pain. The tar from the smoke forms a film on the inside of the window that makes it harder (and more time consuming) to get condensation and fog off of in incliment weather. The average window cleaner does not work for tarry windows, and requires that you repeat the washing action at least two times to get even a passable clean, but with the Pledge multi-surface wipes, a quick once-over is all you need for perfect clarity. That's because it isn't made just for windows, but for everything, which gives it the extra cleaning power needed for tough stuff like tobacco tar, soot, and grease. No matter what you do, from car repair to smoking, having a few packets of wipes in the glove compartment can really save the day.

Pledge Multi-Surface Cleaning Wipes work great on metal, wood, plastics, glass, and sensitive electronics*.

The wipes are ideal for the inside the car, since sprays are so awkward, but in most other applications, the disposable wipes are rather wasteful because of the excess packaging, so if there's no worry about dripping or overspray, I'd still suggest you stick with the Pledge multi-surface spray and a washcloth or cleaning rag, as it puts less waste into our landfills, and conserves resources.

Giveaway Surprise: Everyone who comments gets an entry in a giveaway to get one of three sample packets of Pledge multi-surface wipes to try in their own home. Even if you don't like the idea of disposable wipes, you'll still get a good idea of how effective the spray is, as it is the same cleanser, just in different application formats. Contest ends Friday, October 3rd.

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* Do not use on leather or marble.

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