Saturday, September 20

Review: Pledge Multi-Surface Cleaning Spray

Cleaning all of the windows and surfaces around the house usually requires an armada of cleaning supplies in a bucket, dragged from room to room, several different tools, and a lot of time, but no longer!

Pledge has just come out with a single product that does all of your household surfaces, and does them amazingly well, and thanks to the folks over at Bzzagent, I was able to get some to try out so I could let you know if it's worth spending money on.

Pledge Multi-Surface Clean & Dust is just great. Like all of the other cleaning products we test, we waited until things were good and nasty before trying it. The computer desk hadn't been wiped down in a week, the computer and television screens were covered with finger smudges and dust, the walls and doorknobs were grimy with scattered finger prints, the kitchen table had just undergone a cooking lesson with the kids, and one of the walls had been markered on by a friend's toddler during impromptu art play.

With very little effort, and a single washcloth, we were able to wipe all the electronics screens in the house to a beautiful streak-free shine, and using our first, plus another washcloth, finished the storm windows. We all know how filthy those storm windows can get, right? I never knew we could get that much light into the living room! There was no extra polishing needed to acheive true streaklessness like you usually have to do with other cleaners.

A new washcloth was used on the walls, and the washable marker, fingerprints, and even a rust spot that we hadn't been able to remove for a month came off with ease. Someone had spilled some coffee on the desk and cigarette ashes had made their way into the sticky spot, but one spritz of Pledge multi-surface and three seconds later it wiped clean easily, and cleaned the rest of the desk too.

The same happened with the food particles left on the kitchen table. We had decided to wait a couple of hours to clean it instead of wiping it up immediately like we usually do to see if we could make a harder job for the spray, but it didn't work out as we'd planned. Even dried tomato juice with seeds came up easily after a sprits and a three-second set (the shortest amount of time we would ever do for something dried-on)

Don't get me wrong, it smells like a cleanser, and it's no different in scent strength than 409, Fantastic, or any of the other cleansers meant for windows, surfaces, or whatever, but it's nice to only have one smell instead of a bunch of conflicting ones throughout the house on cleaning day.

One of my friends had a mild allergic reaction to this spray as we were cleaning house with it while she was visiting, so if you have allergies, be sure to check the label before you buy.

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