Friday, November 28

Review & Giveaway: Listerine White Strips

Our whole experience with the Listerine White Strips can be summed up with an old-time mockery of a toothpaste jingle.

In my mother's time, there was a toothpaste called Pepsodent, that was supposed to whiten your smile remarkably better than any of the others on the market, or so the commercials stated, but popular opinion was a different matter, at least among the smart alek teenagers of the time, so the jingle commonly ended in a second verse not heard on the commercials.

"You'll wonder where the yellow went, when you brush your teeth with Pepsodent" was the jingle, and the teens of the day added the second verse; "You'll wish you had the yellow back, when you find your teeth are turning black.".

Of course Pepsodent doesn't turn your teeth black, but that's another matter entirely. We're here to talk about these whitening strips.

The Listerine whitening strips are supposed to fully dissolve in your mouth, abolishing any need for a rinsing or a brushing after the whitening is complete, making it easy to whiten on the go, but that's not what we found when we tried them. The dissolved all right, into a frothing mass of annoyance that made me constantly want to spit. Not so good for being in public and seeming like a lady of any quality, so the whitening must be done at home. Also, it leaves a film on your teeth that not only cannot be rinsed off, but must be brushed off with a toothbrush.

They are supposed to leave a fresh minty flavor in your mouth. If overpowering is what you call fresh and refreshing, then they're right.

It works great for whitening. Let me tell you, the Listerine whitening strips showed a significant difference in the whiteness of my family's smiles within 2 uses! Amazing, yes, fabulously effective, no doubt, behaves as advertised, of course!

There's just one teeny problem; the fact that it eats away at the enamel around your gums, creating yellowish pockmarks that require a lot of expensive dental work to correct.

Not exactly an effect you want to pay money to achieve, now is it?

For the giveaway; I wouldn't dare to inflict these whitening strips and the subsequent tooth enamel erosion on anyone, so I'm giving away a tube of Pepsodent! The first three people to comment will win a tube of Pepsodent! Contest ends this coming Wednesday, so get to commenting!

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